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International Certification allows experienced professionals with careers involving Plan, Section, Elevation (Interior and Exterior) design skills to certify their knowledge and experience with Autodesk REVIT Architecture applications in specific versions and put themselves in line for career advancement.



 Copy and monitor elements in a linked file

 Use worksharing

 Import DWG and image files

 Use Worksharing Visualization

 Assess review warnings in Revit


 Create and modify filled regions

 Place detail components and repeating details

 Tag elements (doors, windows, etc.) by category

 Use dimension strings

 Set the colors used in a color scheme legend

 Work with phases


 Change elements within a curtain wall (grids,

 panels, mullions)

 Create compound walls

 Create a stacked wall

 Differentiate system and component families

 Work with family Parameters

 Create a new family type

 Use Family creation procedures

 Create a building pad

 Define floors for a mass

 Create a stair with a landing

 Create elements such as a floors, ceilings, or roofs

 Generate a toposurface

 Model railings

 Edit a model element's material (door, window, furniture)

 Change a generic floor/ceiling/roof to a specific type

 Attach walls to a roof or ceiling

 Edit room-aware families


 Define element properties in a schedule

 Control visibility

 Use levels

 Create a duplicate view for a plan, section, elevation, drafting view, etc.

 Create and manage legends

 Manage view position on sheets

 Organize and sort items in a schedule.



 Autodesk - Course completion

 Autodesk - Professional

 PTC University




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 Civil CAD

 Architectural CAD

 Electrical CAD