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International Certification allows experienced professionals with careers involving Plan, Section, Components of HVAC, Heating & cooling Load Calculation, Celling HVAC Plan and Hydronic Plumbing design skills to certify their knowledge and experience with Autodesk REVIT MEP(Mechanical) applications in specific versions and put themselves in line for career advancement.



 Import AutoCAD files into Revit

 Link Revit models

 Copy levels and set up monitoring

 Create floor plans

 Use Worksets

 Resolve Coordination Review Errors


 Mechanical: Tag ducts and piping

 Create sheets

 Add and modify text

 Add and modify dimensions

 Mechanical: Create duct/pipe legends


 Differentiate system and component families

 Edit Family ConnectorsDifferentiate

 Create a new family type


 Mechanical: Add and use mechanical equipment

 Mechanical: Add and modify air terminals

 Mechanical: Add and modify ducts

 Mechanical: Add and modify return ducts

 Mechanical: Add and modify duct accessories and fittings

 Mechanical: Work with heating and cooling zones

 Plumbing: Add and modify fixtures

 Plumbing: Add and modify piping

 Plumbing: Add and use plumbing equipment

 Plumbing: Create a plumbing system

 Plumbing: Add and modify pipe accessories

 Mechanical: Add and modify placeholder duct

 Mechanical: Define a duct system

 Mechanical: Work with spaces

 Plumbing: Add and modify placeholder pipe

 Size duct and pipe systems

 Perform interference check

 Check duct and pipe systems and disconnects


 View models

 Apply view templates

 Create detail viewstemplates

 Mechanical: Create and label HVAC plans

 Plumbing: Create a plumbing view

 Plumbing: Create and label plumbing plans



 Autodesk - Course completion

 Autodesk - Professional

 PTC University




 Mechanical CAD

 Civil CAD

 Architectural CAD

 Electrical CAD